12 December 2012

Artist of The Month for December ~ Anthony "Truth" Gary

This is the beginning of a beautiful movement that I feel will bring back the craft of making exceptional art whether it be music, dance, or painting, etc.
The purpose of freestyle is to be able to create an intimate piece that comes from your inner being without thought and can never be created again.
Freestyle is defined as a performance or routine featuring relatively free, unrestricted movement or intended to demonstrate an individual's special skills or style…

Be Free!!!


Anthony "Truth" Gary

Place of Birth:  Atlanta
Time in space or ?  Fall of 1987
Describe your style running out the door? Kangol hat, Stylish Watch, Loose Straight Jeans,  Graphic Tee, and a pair of my various Chuck Taylors
Whats in your wardrobe survival kit? Kangol, Watches (Gotta Love Kenneth Cole), and of course my Chuck Taylor.
Die hards in my closet from Fearless weirdos? Watches, I love Watches, All Watches
Greasy Spoon or Fine Dining? Both, Not every moment is the same and that goes for taste as well
What artist can you listen to and get the same timeless groove each time? Hard question, I would have to pick a group called Outkast, I'm a true ATLien.

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