18 May 2013

Artist of the Month for April ~ Santonius Luckett

Place of Birth: Jackson Mississippi (Hometown raised in Michigan until about 11 and moved to ATL and been there ever since.
Time and place? Raised in Michigan. September 19, 1979 All Odd Baby

Describe your style running out the door? Trendy jeans, off the wall extraordinary shirts, unique pieces , beanie scarf I am all about patterns
What's in your wardrobe survival kit? Tube socks, jeans, couple of scarves, and long sleeves
Diehards in my closet from Fearless Weirdos: Unique Buddha type t-shirt ,layered shirt brown poncho, star printed collared shirt, leisure cotton shirt and tie underneath. Also a stripes combination with brown undertone like a shawl with detachable pieces. Gets attention out of the ordinary.
Greasy Spoon or Fine Dining? Fine Dining
What artist can you listen to and get the same timeless groove each time? Tori Amos, Ben Fold, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Jamie Calhoun


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